Virtual solutions for the real world?

Everyone has an opinion or a perception as to what “Virtual Reality” means and how it works. It’s one of those words that you hope describes what it is or you think it is. However, like most popular in vogue words they get over used and therefore confuses the marketplace as people try to hook themselves into the market.

Virtual Reality – “I have to wear 3D glasses to view it”

Virtual Reality – “it’s a 360 degree photographic view of a location, house or object”

Virtual Realty – “I wear a headset and have to walk around experiencing movement, able to shoot or drive a car, oh and the motion sickness I feel too”

Virtual Reality – “it’s for games really”

Virtual Reality – “its flight simulators training pilots”

Virtual Reality – “it will give me a true to life experience without the risks”

And …there are many other interpretations.

Let me say this, all the answers can be considered right and each has a place in the market, but, I can expect disappointment when expectations are not realised due to hype surrounding the technologies.

I do believe however that Virtual Reality in certain forms can provide the platform to allow anyone to educate, collaborate, work, play and design and save lives!!

The Virtual Mob Ltd. is a company providing practical solutions to everyday activities and problems.
Guess what?

You can immerse yourself in a virtual environment without the need of Virtual Reality headsets or glasses.

Look out for my next blog to find out how we have created immersive solutions since 1996 and what that could mean for you!!

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