Virtual Worlds for Security and Privacy

Keeping Private information Private

After the recent outcry about the NSA accessing non-US online communication, it’s reassuring for organizations to know that data intrusion going on throughout web-based communication and storage is not so easy in virtual world solutions. Even the NSA and GCHQ have problems when it comes to accessing data inside virtual worlds. Privacy has always been a priority for organizations, especially when it involves private information. So how do you keep your online communication and information private?

The Virtual Worlds and gaming platforms we offer may hold the solution to this problem.


Virtual world platforms would appear to be difficult to penetrate, even for NSA and GCHQ.

Because of this difficulty, the NSA and GCHQ were forced to use human agents to access virtual world based games such as “Second Life” and “World of Warcraft” as counter terrorism measures.

Vigilant agents were sent to spy on individuals using virtual world avatars. Individuals under suspicion were monitored, followed and watched just as they would be in the real world. Unfortunately many suspects behaving suspiciously were also security agents, so the US formed a special “deconfliction” unit to prevent agents stepping on each others toes. This may be seen as a funny story, but..

Security Online

For businesses operating inside closed space virtual worlds, this means that intrusion and interception of communication is difficult, if not impossible. Information is more safely held inside this space than on the web and private information is only shared with those you wish to receive it. The difficulty encountered by the NSA and CGHQ points to the high level of protection that our private environments provide – especially when your organization needs to ensure that only desired members share sensitive information and communications.

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