I’m here – where are you?

How to Still ‘Win’ in Times of Floods and Tube Strikes.

When transport’s difficult, time is precious, you still need a ‘win’. Getting stuck between floods and lack of transport costs money and affects the bottom line of your business.

Where are you? We have a deadline to meet!

Waiting for you …

Here’s five reasons why you need to be looking at virtual world technology seriously.

1. Saves Time – Meetings can be held online at your own virtual office. No missed meetings, no excuses for staff being late or not attending the meeting.

2. Saves Money – Transport costs zeroed out. Eco-friendly servers mean lower cost to the organization and the environment. Win-win for enterprise and planet.

3. Secure Environment – Security features in TVM virtual worlds mean that no one can eavesdrop on your conversation.

4. Easy Collaboration – Work with your team in our own office or conference room without having to leave your desk.

5. Competitive Advantage – While your competitors are waiting for transport, you are already doing business – Virtually.

The Virtual Mob’s Offices are ideally suited for your need and allow you to do business easily online.

For a trial, contact Graham Playle.

I am here - where are you?

I am here – where are you?


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