Inform employees around the world simultaneously with virtual presentations

Inform employees around the world simultaneously with virtual presentations.

Providing induction training for new employees without them traveling to a specific location.

Allowing staff to interact with trainers each other in a virtual world. They will be able to download information and look around their work areas virtually, taking note of fire safety, fire escapes and where other departments are situated.

Employees having the ability to look at specific instructions and their job specifications that are relevant to their role.

Safe working procedures and risk assessments available to download.

Group meetings where you can inform staff of policy changes, achievements and goals through virtual conferences and seminars.

Delivering “on-the-Job” training efficiently, measurable and cost effectively.

“These are just a few examples of how virtual reality can make life simple and save money. We imagine you have other areas of responsibility that could take advantage of our virtual reality expertise and would welcome a conversation and a “virtual meeting” to discuss.”