Welcome to The Virtual Mob

Welcome to The Virtual Mob. Join us on the experience of a lifetime – making working faster, easier, cheaper and more interesting and engaging, allowing you to grow and learn in your everyday working experience while being a leaner, meaner operator. Adding efficiency, effectiveness and innovativeness to your resume and increase the bottom line for your organisation at the same time!


– How? – Through The Virtual Mob!


I am welcoming The Virtual Mob, Corporation to have a subsidiary presence here in Emeryville, California. First of all we want to support forward thinking businesses of Three Dimensional Virtualization in growth and development. The proven results of rich content is here today and with today’s Oracle level technologies. Expect Urban and City to become indulged with eye pleasing environments that will grow ideas and allow the highest degrees of interaction and involvement.


Reposting with Corrections: This is quite an exciting technology, In the corporate world in my recent experience, the best that can be done is using Lync a Microsoft Exchange technology. I’ve never heard an “IT guy” suggest that Virtual Reality is the the way of the future. That is not to say it isn’t It could very well be, it seems to me, that the word needs to get out (past this website). I was referred here by a friend and I’d like to see and experience what The Virtual Mob has to offer. Is there a way to share/demo this technology? How are you working to build partnerships? Has this been piloted at any notable corporate sites?


This technology has exciting potential in the field of Psychotherapy in terms of marketing to the public, training of professionals, supervision and consultation to and from professionals, education and even psychotherapy services to an array of populations in need of services. I am curious to see where this goes, undoubtedly it will be received well by a variety of businesses. Welcome to the future.nn1nn1

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